Zita Szemere is a great Oscar with her exploding temper and voice. However it is a problem for the costume and fashion designer to dress the young lady of medium height with a white suit - that is (with the slovenly designed completely hairless wig and tattoo) the most disadvantageous for the young sopranist with amazing talent.”
Tamás Márok / Revizor a kritikai portál /07. 07. 2015.

„I asked my musician friends: Szemere Zita sang a high „as” with playful lightness at the Hoffmann premier yesterday. I know myself that it is some six steps above the reputed-infamous high „C”. It has surely deserved ecstasied applause but Szemere Zita gives much more than that. Masked unrecognizable as Olympia from the first moment on stage something unexplainable streams from her. She „gets on stage”, because she is pushed on stage on a rolling laborbed. Hardly anything of her is seen, still she is there. Then she is raised, confronts us and we are grateful to heaven we are still in the theatre. Then comes the magnificent singing.”

Szemere Zita singing Pamina has presumably effected the Budapest audience with new power – and what a pleasant novelty! The young singer disposes easy ringing voice, it is a real pleasure to listen to her. For her I was sorry that so much was left out from Pamina’s role in the second act: I would have listened to her singing the aria. Also her acting is praisworthy, her stage-filling sympathetic girl-figure played a significant role in the overall success of the performance.”

„After the Szeged audience Szemere Zita also delighted the Budapest audience in her very first opera role with her easy virtuosity, markable forming skill and intense singing. ”

Szemere Zita personalizing Gilda presented an excellent, illusion-making performance. She genuinely formed the innocent, in her love immovable young girl. She definitely ruled her role by her clear ringing, flexible soprano. She also sang the higher tunes in a clear and beautiful way. She showed Gilda as a childish, daydreaming character in the first act. In the second act she presented with great dramatic power the broken and in her love throughout faithful lady who is ready to sacrifice herself at the end of the story.”